Watercolor Landscape Workshop by Uneeba Zubair on July 11th

About the Artist, Uneeba Zubair (@Theblackbrush.art):

I’m a watercolor artist and I enjoy painting seascapes. I’m a graduate in Psychology. The process of creating and being fully engaged with my work is the most important thing for me as an artist. Through daily watercolor meditation, I hope in some way, my journey becomes a place where people come, find their artistic felicity because that’s what it is for me.


What you will learn:

  1. Basics techniques and washes of watercolor
  2. 3 types of easy clouds
  3. Breakdown of the elements of the landscape with demonstrations of brush strokes
  4. To paint a Watercolor Landscape
    Materials Required:
    1. Round brushes size 00, 4 & 8 (mop brush optional)
    2. Basic Watercolour paints with white
    3. Watercolour paper size A5
    4. Masking tape
    5. 2 jars of clear water
    6. Paper towel or cotton rag

    The workshop will be hosted via Zoom. We will send you a unique Zoom link a day before the workshop for you to join.

    Date and Time: July 11th, 10.30am to 12.30pm

    Cost : Rs.499/-

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    Contact us:
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    Facebook / Instagram : @madcapworkshops
    info@madcap.in / +91 96772 38849 / +91 91768 08449