Watercolor Landscape Painting Workshop by Maithili on July 25th

About the Artist:

I am Maithili Bhande (@mitselia_ ),an Industrial designing student in Pune. I'm passionate about art and have been practicing for the last 14 years. I've completed various courses in Sketching, Portrait sketching, landscape painting, watercolour painting, Acrylic painting and Oil painting. I've displayed my artworks in various exhibitions before and have also conducted a watercolour painting workshops.


What you will learn:

  1. Learn new skills to paint watercolour landscapes inspired by nature and surroundings.
  2. Get a better understanding of the medium and techniques.
  3. Get a better understanding of the type of paper, brushes and colours to use
  4. Learn how to draw the basic sketches required
  5. Learn how to blend colours in this medium
  6. Learn the technique of wet- on- wet (adding wash).
  7. How to use colour tones
  8. How to add Light and shadows
  9. Maintaining balance with the amount of colour, water and brush pressure on the paper surface.
  10. Adding the first and second layers.
  11. Adding a 3-dimensional effect in the elements
  12. Adding highlights and negative spaces in the painting
  13. Adding details
  14. Most importantly gaining confidence in watercolour painting and overcoming the fear of making mistakes in your painting.
      Materials Required:
      1. Watercolour paper ( preferably rough type)
      2. Watercolour tubes/ cakes
      3. Flat /Round brushes ( any big sizes , preferably 8-14)
      4. Round brush size 1/ 2
      5. Old toothbrush ( optional)
      6. Palette
      7. Water container+ waste cloth/ tissue paper.
      8. Pencil + eraser
      9. Black pen
      10. Masking tape

      The workshop will be hosted via Zoom. We will send you a unique Zoom link on July 24th
      Date: July 25th, 2020
      Time: 10am
      Duration: 3 hours
      Cost: Rs.699/-
      (Recorded Session Available)
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      CCO - MadCap
      Facebook / Instagram : @madcapworkshops
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