Terracotta Mural Art Painting workshop by Sindhu Sriram on October 6th in Hyderabad

About the Artist:
I am Sindhu Sriram (@mano_vaancha) founder of Manoh Vaancha, an artist. Currently I am working on creative projects using pure organic colors extracted. I’m into customised art gifting. I believe that working with organic colors can take up the art into next level with adults & especially kids.



What you will learn at the workshop?

After extracting the homemade clay or terracotta clay naturally transformed by the atmospheric agents, from the clay pit, it is mixed, milled, sifted and stored in to guarantee the quality and resistance of the finished product.

1. The mix : the right quantity of clay, well-rounded and compact, to make a brick or tile.
2. Pressing : a particular pressing for each tile or brick guarantees the correct compactness.
3. Smoothing : smoothing first with a straight edge and then by hand perfects the pressing process.
4. Laying the tiles : the wet tiles or bricks are placed on the ground or let it sit for sometime where they will stay for the drying process.

All the clay tiles and bricks are left to dry naturally, at which time they are trimmed, selected and turned around to which ever mural design need to be shaped and so as to furnish a properly dried perfectly level product.
And such the final products become excellent resounding bricks and tiles after drying off littler and colouring goes on.

    The venue is Air Conditioned with comfortable seating and furniture with an audio system. The following will also be provided as part of the workshop.

    • Art Materials
    • Lunch

    Date : October 6th, 2019
    Timings : 10.30am to 4.30pm
    Cost : Rs.2499/-
    Location : Cokarma, Kondapur

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