Punctuation Mark Mandala workshop by Jaya Bhanu on January 23rd

About the Artist:

Jaya Bhanu (@jb_creations_hyd), former Asst.Professor turned into a Self Made Professional Mandala Artist & an Art Educator. I worked as Co-Illustrator for 2 Adult Colouring Books. I do both digital and ink artworks. I have been into this art form past 4 years. I personally Love to Explore all the Mediums & always find One or the other way to incorporate them into my mandalas.


Here's what you'll learn at this workshop:

      1. Learn About Mandala artform & the materials Required to create mandala
      2. Learn to draw Punctuation Mark's especially to fit in Mandala
      3. Learn to construct mandala grid
      4. Learn Multiple Mandala Patterns
      5. Learn to stack the patterns with ease
      6. Learn the popular technique of hatching & shading
      7. Learn wide variety of intricate details & Fillers
      8. Learn how to mix match the patterns & fillers to form a unique designs
      9. Learn to add depth to the Punctuation Mark to attain 3D look
      10. Pro tips to achieve symmetry & aesthetically beautiful Mandalas
      This session is also open to those with no prior art experience. Mandala is all about Repetitive patterns in a symmetrical structure. In this workshops the main focus will be in enlightening the participants not only about the existing patterns or a one variety but also show them the variations they can bring in the existing patterns. By the end of Workshop , participants will be able enough to redefine & recreate a whole new mandala with their own unique patterns with ease
      This session is also open to those with no prior art experience.
      Materials Required:
      1. A5 size drawing sheets
      2. Black Fineliners ( any gel pen also works )
      3. Geometric Compass
      4. Protractor
      5. Fundamental Drawing essentials like Scale, Pencil, eraser, sharpener

      TO BUY THE ART MATERIALS THAT YOU NEED, YOU CAN GO TO THE FOLLOWING LINK: https://www.amazon.in/shop/madcapworkshops

      The workshop will be hosted via Zoom. We will send you a unique Zoom link a day before the workshop for you to join.

      • Date: January 23rd, 2021
      • Time: 5pm
        • Duration: 3 hours
        • Cost : Rs.1299/-
        (Recorded Session Available. If you aren't able to attend the Live workshop, you can choose to get the Recorded version during registration. You will have 72 hours to watch your Recorded Version)
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