Mandala (Bookmark) Workshop by Kirti on July 26th

About the Artist, Kirti (

As a passionate Design & Creative Professional with rich experience in Digital & Print media and UI/UX Design, I am seeking an advancement in career.
Along with with that I have a passion for fine arts since I was a kid. I re-indulged into art in the end of 2018 and began my rejuvenation through the various art mediums. Water colors and Mandalas being my favorites, I decided to consistently create art for myself and for all the like minded people who take interest in art.

I believe Art is a wonderful therapy and has healed so many people's lives. It has indeed helped me to conquer anxiety, stress and negativity. It is a meditative process. So I would like to suggest each one to take up either creating art or else coloring it. It surely changes lives. I take pride and pledge to deliver a differentiated value proposition in my every creation.


What you will learn at this workshop?

  1. Basic Information mandala
  2. How to Create Pattern Grid
  3. How to Create Patterns
  4. How to Combine Patterns
  5. How to Create Circular Grid
  6. How to Create Mandala Bookmark
Materials Required:
  1. Paper 200 gsm required in following sizes - (a. A5 size sketching paper; b. 17cm x 5.7cm - 2 nos. each)
  2. 3 sizes of fine liners / any gel pens / Uniball Eye / Uniball Signo Pens
  3. Any Colour Fineliners / Pens can add beauty to the Mandala Bookmark (Red / Green / Orange / Blue)
  4. Protractor
  5. Compass / Rounder (which should be stable)
  6. 0.5 Lead Pencil / Well Sharpened pencil
  7. Big & Small Scale, Eraser, Sharpener
The workshop will be hosted via Zoom. We will send you a unique Zoom link a day before the workshop for you to join.

Date and Time: July 26th, 10am
Duration: 2 hours
Cost : Rs.499/-
(Recorded Session Available)
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Facebook / Instagram : @madcapworkshops / +91 91768 08449 / +91 96772 38849