Intuitive Abstract Landscapes workshop by Hemalatha on April 26th in Chennai

About the Artist, Hemalatha (@art_by_hema):

I’m a certified hypnotherapist and a crystal healer with a deep interest in expressive arts. I’ve been trained in traditional drawing and painting techniques but I found my truest voice in creating ‘Abstract Landscapes’. I draw inspiration from natural scenes of deep forests, flower beds, ocean fronts and sunset skies. I primarily use acrylic paints infused with mixed media elements with a lot of fun mark making. I trek and hike in exploration of these. My art is process driven with a lot of body movement and liberation. It is about getting in touch with an inner sensation and using mediums to portray what you feel rather than see and hence evoke a feeling in the viewer.


What you'll learn:

  • Colour harmony / Value / Saturation: Essentially, the participants can take home some important lessons in colour harmony and designing one’s own colour palette.
  • Composition: Since the genre is abstract, composition of the painting plays a very crucial role. This in simple terms it is like designing a pathway for our eyes to move that creates the most visual impact.
  • Mark making: Techniques of mark making, using various mixed media elements together,
  • Workbook: Participants will also find their unique artistic style through a personalized workbook designed to bring out their innate creative voice.
  • Creative release: This process driven workshop is all about lose, fluid movements. It is a potent way to release any creative block and help with stress management and there are tricks in here that can be easily replicated to a daily journal practice for mindfulness, affirmation and written meditation.
  • Creating a series and finishing strong: Each participant can create a series of paintings (consisting 3 each) and learn how to bring it all together in their signature style, which will concertize any of their existing art practice. Even if they are used to more realistic painting techniques, this workshop will help them dive deeper into their chosen style.
  • Strategic drips: Using drips can tie the piece really well. I call this strategic because the placement is important and so is the viscosity.

Materials Provided:

  • A3 water colour paper (hot/cold pressed)
  • Palette, water container, paper towel
  • Brushes: Firm/rough brushes (1-inch hardware brush, flat brushes in size of 12, 10, 8)
  • Posca pen (White), Oil pastels, Soft pastels (These supplies will be shared)
  • Acrylic medium
  • Cardboard pieces

(Left over materials can be taken)

The venue is Air Conditioned with comfortable seating and furniture with an audio system. The following will also be provided as part of the workshop.

  • Art Materials
  • Lunch

Date : April 26thth, 2020
Timings : 10.30am to 4.30pm
Cost : Rs.1999/- onwards
Location : Casagrand Bright Kids, Thiruvanmiyur

 Limited Seats Available! Click below to block your seat.

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