Floral Illustration workshop Mohona Bhadra on November 22nd

About the Artist:

Mohona Bhadra (@artofmisanthropy) is an artist and illustrator based out of Kolkata, India. She works primarily with pieces inspired by nature (with florals and botanicals being her main focus), although she does dabble in other subjects from time to time. Mohona has had the privilege of contributing her work to several group and solo shows over the years (including one in Tubingen, Germany) as well as published anthologies (Tales to Tell: Romance, 2016) and online zines, and most recently she has worked on creating content for brands like Tata Tiscon.


Here's what you'll learn at this workshop:

    • Participants would learn how to create a fully fleshed out floral composition using ink (they are free to use gel pens, fine-liners or ballpoint pens -- any sort of ink will do)
    • We will start with the pencil sketch, at which stage I will share some tips and tricks regarding floral illustration, including how to pick up shapes and forms and work from a reference image.
    • Once this is done, we will be working on the line art, and finally, we will focus on extensive shading and add some final accents and details to bring the composition to life.
    • During this final and possibly most important (and interesting step) I will again be sharing some tips and tricks regarding adding shading and detailing to florals to get a look that is unique in its shift from anything too realistic or too flat and artificial.
    • Throughout the duration of the workshop I will be breaking down and explaining each step multiple times and in great detail, and taking questions from participants as and when they have any pertaining to the steps or to materials or anything else that is in relation to the subject we will be covering.
      Materials Required:
      1. Paper of your choice (even printer paper will do)
      2. Pen of your choice (gel pen/ballpoint pen / fine-liner)
      3. Pencil and eraser
      4. Ruler (optional)
      5. Gold or any other coloured pen (optional)

      The workshop will be hosted via Zoom. We will send you a unique Zoom link a day before the workshop for you to join.

      • Date: November 22nd, 2020
      • Time: 5.30pm
      • Duration: 2 hours
      • Cost : Rs.499/- onwards
      (Recorded Session Available. If you aren't able to attend the Live workshop, you can choose to get the Recorded version during registration. You will have 72 hours to watch your Recorded Version)
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