Caricature Workshop by Siva on August 16th

About the Artist:

Siva Kirubanandan (@siva_kirubanandan) is a Chennai based Visual Artist/Caricaturist graduated from Fine Arts College, specializing in Live Caricature Drawing in events. Drawing from life is a challenging task rather than drawing from a photograph and needs practicing. Fascinated by International caricature artists, he learnt the art of caricature drawing observing their work.


What you will learn?

  1. What is a Caricature? How it is different from portrait?
  2. Drawing the Head Shapes and features like eyes, nose, ear and Hair individually studying the basic forms behind them
  3. Studying our model and identifying the Head shape
  4. Foundation sketch, Inking and finishing a caricature
Materials Required:
  1. A4 Paper
  2. Pencil
  3. Eraser
  4. Sketch pen/Chisel Marker/Brush Pen
The workshop will be hosted via Zoom. We will send you a unique Zoom link a day before the workshop for you to join.
Date: August 16th, 2020
Time: 4pm
Duration: 3 hours
Cost : Rs.599/- onwards
(Recorded Session Available)
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