Caricature Masterclass by Sri Priyatham on November 2nd & 3rd in Bangalore

About the Artist:

A trained artist, art instructor and a freelance illustrator from Hyderabad, Sri Priyatham (@sripriyatham) specializes in Caricature and Portrait illustrations and is known internationally for hyper - realistic quality render in his artworks. Majority of his creations are graphite as it is his favourite medium to reflect the right amount of emotion and details in the artwork. Sri's digital artwork retain the same textural qualities and techniques as his traditional ones.

In this Masterclass, you will learn the following:

DAY 1:

  • Explaining what an actual Caricature is and the significance of the art form.
  • Principles and Importance of exaggeration in a Caricature.

This chapter includes the most basic practices to attain success on Caricatures. Following are few elements which will be covered:

  • Weight distribution in a human face.
  • Tips and techniques on How to draw facial features.
  • Detailed exercises and practice lessons on:
    • How to draw basic EYES and How to exaggerate them.
    • How to draw basic NOSE and exaggerate.
    • How to draw basic MOUTH and exaggerate.
    • How to draw basic EARS and exaggerate.
    • How to render HAIR in a pattern.
  • Demonstrations will be given in a detailed way a face and exaggeration.


  • Likeness is, at any given point of time, the main agenda while drawing a
    Caricature / a Portrait.
  • Achieving the likeness of a person even when exaggerated is the most
    important thing in a Caricature. Without the likeness, the subject will be
    denied and will be troublesome to the viewers to recognize.
  • Assignments include detailed analysis on a single face with various profiles to balance with the likeness.
  • References and demos will be provided by the instructor.
  • Exercises and daily practice must be continued by the student in order to gain development on the medium and confidence on the stroke.


  • This chapter comprises of lessons on the facial expressions which adds
    essence and character to any given human face.
  • All the demonstrations, Assignments and practice includes lessons on all the expressions of facial features individually. Like, Surprised eyes, Normal staring eyes, Stretched lips while smiling.
  • And also expressions of an entire face and exaggerating a face in the right expression according to the reference.
  • Assignments will be given on the first day before moving ahead to the details in the artwork. Assignments includes attempts at quick caricatures on random human faces (References shall be provided by the instructor).

DAY 2:

  • After developing a decent sketch as a foundation, the next step is rendering the face by adding some depth and values to it.
  • You will be taught to render the values through the Hatching technique which is a popular technique to add shadows and highlights according to
    the light source.
  • Exercises include studying of a face / object on various light sources to have an idea about rendering and bringing the depth to the Caricature / face by laying lines (Hatching).

Materials provided:

  • Artist’s pencils
  • Sketch sheets and other stationery
  • Reference Images

Advice for participants:

  • Intense level of patience while sketching.
  • Participants should be passionate enough to get along with the ground basics.
  • Use Artist brand pencils and sketchbooks.
  • Possess seriousness towards the discussed subject.
  • Desire to learn and get along with daily practice for better results.
The venue is Air Conditioned with comfortable seating and furniture with an audio system. The following will also be provided as part of the workshop.
  • Art Materials
  • Lunch - Quality Vegetarian Food
  • Beverages

Date : November 2nd & 3rd, 2019
Timings : 10.30 am to 4.30pm
Cost : Rs.5999/-
Location : Golden Square CBD, Bangalore

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