Advanced 5 Day Caricature Workshop by Prakash - May 27th to 31st

About the Artist:

Prakash Pai (@paicature) is a professional fine artist specializing in graphite and charcoal portraits including caricatures. Prakash has a deep penchant for human faces and expressions and has held several exhibitions all over the country. In his own words, “Caricatures are unique creations as they offer an element of amusement and fun like no other mediums. And yet the creation journey can be intense and challenging which can be simplified if done with the right technique.”

What you will learn:
  1. Introduction to the fascinating world of caricatures
  2. Simple and easy approach to a caricature through basic everyday shapes
  3. Identify key features to caricaturize while drawing faces so as to retain likeness
  4. Shapes of the eye, nose, mouth, hair and teeth along with how expressions can change these features
  5. Basics of shading - Light and Shadow to develop Value and Form
  6. Types of hatching, i.e. line hatching, cross -hatching, contour-hatching
  7. Sphere Study to accentuate form and texture to make the artwork look 3D
  8. Complete a full caricature right from basic shape till full shading
  9. The above learning can also easily applied in other types of art such as still life, landscape as well other mediums such as pen and ink
Materials Required:
  1. A4 size Sketchpad
  2. HB pencil
  3. Mechanical pencil (preferred but not mandatory) - If not available, you can also use a slightly darker grade of pencil such as a 4B or a 6B pencil for hatching
  4. Kneaded eraser
The workshop will be hosted via Zoom. We will send you a unique Zoom link a day before the workshop for you to join.
Date: May 27th to 31st
Duration: 10 hours
  • Session: 6pm to 8pm (2 hours each day)
Cost : Rs.2999/-
Limited Seats Available! Click below to block your seat.

Contact us:
CCO - MadCap
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