Acrylic Painting Workshop by Nanditha TK on June 13th

About the Artist:

I am Nanditha (@tintsandstrokes_), a freelance artist and a Physics student. I am from Kerala, and have been pursuing art for the last 4 years. I mainly work with Acrylics and Water Colours and my niche is Acrylic Landscapes. My daily motivation of art is always nature. I love teaching art. I find pleasure in sharing the techniques I've learnt. I have been conducting various workshops, tutorials and exhibitions.

What would you learn during the workshop?
  1. Quick introduction to my style of acrylic painting and the art supplies
  2. Steps for converting a reference photograph to your own artwork
  3. Preliminary sketching
  4. Choosing Colours
  5. Colour blocking
  6. Colour mixing
  7. Techniques for blending
  8. Creating gradients
  9. Layers
  10. Techniques to paint elements like clouds, water, reflections, silhouettes, moon and combining these elements into a painting
  11. Creating movement
  12. Creating a magical landscape painting of your own by the end of the workshop.

Basically, this workshop will be helpful to beginners as well as to those who have been painting for a while, feeling stuck, and want to explore more. I will help them, to paint expressively, with freedom and to loosen up and paint without any planning.

Combine the elements that you learn during this workshop to make a Mystical Landscape Painting of you own at the end of the workshop.

Materials Required:

  1. Canvas ( board, stretched or sheet) or thick sheet of paper ( watercolour paper 200gsm or above ) - 24×36 cm
  2. Acrylic Paints - Prussian blue, Sky blue, Teal ( not mandatory, will be taught how to mix) , Orange, Red, Green, White
  3. Brushes:
  • 62mm wash brush
  • Fan brush
  • Round ( no. 07 and 00)
  • Flat ( no. 10)
  • Tissue or cotton cloth
  • Sponge
  • Palette
  • Container with water

No prior experience/ artistic experience required!

The workshop will be hosted via Zoom. We will send you a unique Zoom link a day before the workshop for you to join.

Date and Time: June 13th, 4pm
Duration: 3 hours
Cost : Rs.549/-
(Recorded Version Available)

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