Acrylic Landscape Painting workshop by Rakshitha Ravi on September 19th & 20th

About the Artist ,Ms.Rakshitha Ravi ( @Swapnasrushti_ ):

Hey there! I am basically a Computer Engineering student at McGill University, Montreal, Canada . I began my journey as a 3 year old kid and was blessed to have had the opportunity to learn from different professionals in my initial years as a school going kid. Eventually, I realized that painting is not just my hobby but has become a way of life for me and my happiness lies in creating a world that does not exist! So at the moment, I am trying to build my own illustration brand "Swapnasrushti" . Feel free to visit my site at


What you'll learn in this workshop?

Day 1:
  1. Introduction time and a rough idea of what we will be doing in the next few hours!
  2. Applying the base colors and some rough sketching with paints. Let's have some ice-breakers along the way!
  3. A brief practice session about the techniques we will be using for the painting's detailing while letting our base coat dry!
  4. Start of with some detailing and of-course talk about different paints , brushes and a whole bunch of artistic stuff .
Day 2:
  1. Answer questions and do any corrections from the previous session
  2. More finer details and lighting effects will be taught
  3. Let it dry- tips about preserving your painting and framing tips!
  4. Finishing your virtual landscape!

    Materials Required:

    1. Wrapped canvas or mixed media sheets ( preferred size is 12” X 18”)
    2. Any good set of 12 acrylic colours
    3. A fan brush (any size between 3 to 6) 
    4. Flat Brush Size 12 or any flat brush with width 0.5 inch to 1 inch 
    5. 2 pointed Round brushes of sizes 2 and 7  
    6. A bowl to wash brushes and a wast cloth to wipe the mess !
    7. Palette

    The workshop will be hosted via Zoom. We will send you a unique Zoom link a day before the workshop for you to join.

      Date: September 19th & 20th
      Time: 5.30pm to 8pm
      Duration: 5 hours (2 Sessions)
      Cost : Rs.999/-
        (Recorded Session Available. Recorded Session will be accessible for 72 hours)
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        Contact us:
        CCO - MadCap
        Facebook / Instagram : @madcapworkshops / +91 91768 08449 / +91 96772 38849