Waste to Best: A fresh new take on art by "our own Madrasan"

Inspiration can come from the wildest of ideas, and at the wildest of places. The desire to change your life need not always be something you suddenly decided upon, but maybe something that just gradually happened over time. One thing may lead to another, and soon, you would realize that you have already changed your life without knowing. They say that boredom is the biggest inspiration one can have. And in the case of Nidhi, her boredom led to the birth of Namma Madraskarri (Our Own Madrasan in Tamil), one of its kind shops for jewelry, handicrafts and more.

A fashion designing graduate, opening her own company for selling her art was probably one of the last things Nidhi had in mind a few years ago. However, during the time she worked night shifts at a BPO, she discovered her hidden love and talent towards jewelry making. Just to fill her time, she says, she started to make simple jewelry using quilling, and later moved on to more complicated art forms, such as terracotta designs, when she started getting good at it.

Nidhi had her share of encounters with art during her school days, but it was this passion that rejuvenated her lost interest in making her own art. The feedback from her friends and family members came in, and it further motivated her to become better at what she does. Soon, she was taking custom orders from people, and in 2017, she finally gave a name to what she loved to do – Namma Madraskarri.

The one thing she loves in making the best out of waste. Feeling repulsed at the idea of throwing away the waste at her house, she tried to incorporate as much as she could into her work. And as she got better at it, she would find even more ways to do it. She says that not only does she think of it as a noble cause, but it also helps her improve own skills. Today, her store includes jewelry, bracelets, necklaces, finger rings, and what not. She can now use old candles wax to make earrings, as well as using old bottles to make home decor. Basically, whatever you think of throwing away, Nidhi knows 10 ways of turning it into artwork for your own home.

The support she got from her family was one of her strengths, she admits. She did not face any opposition from her parents, and even her husband, who is an entrepreneur himself, also wholeheartedly supported her decision. She took the first step by quitting her full-time job and focused solely on her art. Needless to say, she has not looked back since then.

Not only is Nidhi finding newer styles of art to incorporate into her work, but she also helps to teach people how they too can pursue their passion. She takes group as well as personal workshops, and nothing gives her more happiness than finding people that can appreciate as well as make their own art on the same lines as Nidhi. Not only does her work give her happiness by reducing the waste we throw out every day, but it also makes her feel that she is right where she belongs and is doing what she loves. Whether it is in art or in the physical world, having someone who can find beauty, where no one else can see, is what we need today. Not only can Nidhi do that, but she is also helping other people do that as well.

A few years ago, Nidhi found a way to escape her boredom by finding art in places no one else would try, and after going through the physical world, she now searches for the same art in people, where it is probably hidden. If there is indeed art hidden inside of someone who is in her workshop, then just like she can discover art in the real world, Nidhi will discover her art in the heart of a student as well.

You can follow Namma Madraskarri on her Instagram. She is soon gonna do a workshop in Chennai with MadCap, you can check the details here.

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