War for Peace

 “If everyone fought for their own convictions there would be no war.”

                                                                                                            - Leo Tolstoy

And yet you argue, that war prevails because everyone fights for their convictions? Think harder. Violence happens because people divide into two teams, each one united in their own belief. Nothing brings people more together like shared love or hatred. Once that’s done, all we have left are our actions and choices - war, or peace.


But of course, history is rich with individuals who commit bad actions by their own motivation. We have leaders and cops to shield us from them. Yet in the light of recent events, one can easily challenge the promise of safety from the leaders to whom we've granted control and authority. How then can we hope to reinstate peace by control? That’s the whole illusion, though. Peace does not establish control, nor is it true vice versa.


“Peace is not absence of conflict, it is the ability to handle conflict by peaceful means.”

                                                                                                                - Ronald Reagan


That’s why we need more open-minded people in our world today. Not those bound by cause or clause, ritual or religion, taboo or tradition; but those who step into the chasm of diversity and call for unity. 


Think about it. Countering authority with rebellion? Okay. Getting out on the roads to protest? Guess that’s how it rolls. But rebellion, without fight? Crazy. Rebellion and violence - almost sound like synonyms, don’t they?

Rebel Badge from MadCap 

If only we could recount the number of people who took the burden of proof upon themselves to let the world know that they can rebel without violence! Gandhi. Mandela. Luther. Bob Marley. Dalai Lama. Your neighbour who avoided a bitter run-in. Your friend who avoided that pointless argument.


Yes, rebels can be peaceful people too.


Peace is a package deal, with sacrifice tied like a bow around it. Every famous person connected to peace has made sacrifices. There are only two things you can do - live your life or give your life. Either way, life needs purpose - and peace, is a worthy one.


“…To a place where we are under one sky even in different places.”

                                                                                    - Kim Nam-joon (Rap Monster)


This article is written in protest of the Las Vegas Shooting that occurred on October 1 near Mandalay Bay Vegas, just prior to the International Non-Violence Day - and against every other act of terrorism, war and violence. 





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