The Perfect Santa - Mr Twister

Meet Richard, popularly known as Mr. Twister, a Professional Balloon Sculptor.

Isn’t that unheard of? We were just as surprised too, so we ventured out to ask him a few questions about what he does, and why.

Balloons are for everyone. That’s what Mr. Twister’s advocates. He uses balloons to create seemingly impossible, phenomenal pieces of art - yes, according to him, balloon sculpting is a form of art. Looking at his creations, we can’t help but agree.

He brings joy not only to children during their birthday parties, but to adults as well in carnival arenas and corporate get-togethers. If you’re that adult who still loves balloons, you can step out of the closet now and get a balloon sculpt of your choice to cherish. 

Mr. Twister, started off as a clown therapist inspired by Patch Adams volunteering at cancer hospitals to cheer and encourage adults and kids battling cancer and attending to underprivileged kids at orphanages, as the curtains close to such ministry of encouragement due to hospitals taking a stand to not have external counselors, he has found his life’s purpose in encouraging people and making them happy whenever he performs. He uses his brilliant aptitude in balloon sculpting to do just that, for 13 years now. Every sculpture of his is symbolic of happiness. It makes you feel warm and fuzzy, and even though it lasts for a short while, it’s etched into your memory - like every happy feeling.

They are both fun and fascinating. The popping colors and handy details make you wonder how the wheels turn inside his head as he works his creation - probably similar to what happens inside Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium. You have to believe it to see it.

Mr. Twister loves to encourage people to not get older than themselves, If you’re a guy, gal, hippie, traditional, outgoing, introverted - nothing can draw a limit to how much fun you can have with Mr. Twister’s creations, because they can get as boundlessly versatile as his creativity. For a fashionista, he can conjure up a balloon accessory that completes her dress or even make a balloon dress for one who would want to be different and stand out in a crowd. For a fun-loving guy, he can make weird hats that carry a statement of humour. He fuels himself with the hidden joy behind every witnessing eye.

Getting to the interesting part, we asked him how a corporate party responds to his art in a formal setting. The answer we got was hilarious. Once surrounded by gleaming, childlike adults, he begins weaving out balloon wearables, each unique to the wearer. They go around laughing and giggling like children, trading and comparing each one’s accessory. It gets crazier when there are couples in the group with complementing balloon creations and the joy is so contagious that you’ll have a bunch of tall, well-dressed babies within minutes.

“Won’t it burst if you pull it too much?” “How do you manipulate a balloon that way?” are some of the questions he gets from starry eyes watching his every move.

That does not guarantee a flawlessly optimistic experience for him though. Like all others, he has a mixed audience. While most of the peppy ones like to watch the process unfold, and react to every squeeze and twist, some people swiftly conclude that he has it all too easy, and others would rather have something more permanent. 

It takes a young heart to understand the nature of his work - where nothing is as simple as it is conventionally believed to be. For one, Mr Twister puts all his heart and soul into what he does, and who he does it for. When asked about people's cynical reactions to his unconventional balloon headpiece that he wears, “Ultimately,” he says, “I've learnt to rise above such things and get past them. As an artist, it doesn’t matter what people think. It’s what I’m able to offer them”.


Right now, he’s brimming with ideas, most of which are envisaged by him as colossal balloon structures. Being one person, he still needs a team of creatively passionate people to help him with such mega- endeavors. For example, he shared with us his dreams for a Hansel & Gretel themed balloon storyboard- an unfolding of the story scene by scene all made out of balloons! Imagine that.

Some major hurdles come from people who undermine the nature of art and who fail to recognizes its significance. Mr. Twister has the perfect response - he says he can clearly noted the distinction in his audience between the one who have traveled, and those who haven’t. Travelers are open-minded and appreciative to artists because they’ve seen many a variety in the world of street performers.

Mr. Twister is the perfect Santa Claus. He admires children to a great extent, for their naturally curious and creative minds  They have have a way of surprising him with rare requests that ticks his creativity to a challenge, he notes. He uses balloons from Italy, Mexico, US and South America, because the grade of locally obtained latex is not on par with imported sculpting balloons. These balloons are a 100% bio degradable. Obviously, it’s an expensive art. We simply hope that in the near future balloon sculpting hits undiscovered heights of acclaim and acceptance, because how often do you come across a unique, ephemeral & jaunty souvenir that makes you feel like Christmas morning on a normal day? It’s an all-in-one package of joy to be thankful for.

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