Superstars Of Chennai - Not every person behind the scenes get recognized

1. Bus Conductors and Drivers:
Most of us take the MTC buses to commute to our colleges, while most cities might have a lot of special buses and we don’t, we surely have these friendly conductor anna and driver anna who inform us about the stops, patiently handle all the fuss with ‘change’, save all those innocent men from charges of groping and eve teasing (advantages of being a known face) and a lot more. We can forgive them for driving the bus in a tilted manner, can’t we?

2. Auto Anna:
Rickshaw, no, screaming for an auto with that arm out is the style that works down south, most of the hostel-ites have still not got the answer to why do they not call these fancy yellow three-wheelers as rickshaw. Auto annas have been there even before Nokia 1100 came and are here even in the age of smartphones with not very smart navigational services. One can never really go off-course with a little help from them and if you’re taking a ride with them, you surely will be enlightened about the current affairs of the city in a very entertaining way.

3. EB Anna:
Rain or shine, they’re perfect at their job, cutting power supply since forever for our
benefit (that’s what the government says). After some hundred-thousand phone calls they finally put that receiver down although the amount of work they did to ensure electricity bounced back after the floods in 2015 is commendable. If you ever miss that sight where farmers climb up that tall coconut tree you spotted at kerala and want to witness it again, find a faulty transformer and call the EB office and watch how they climb the pole in seconds.

4. Street Sweepers and Manual Scavengers:
They’re probably the most underrated people who’ve offered their services without
creating fuss. We’ve seen men and women sweep roads tirelessly even when the traffic is at its peak, the trucks (with that odor we cannot bare) and those men hanging on them. While keeping our houses clean is a task, these people are helping keep the city clean while some of us in all our might litter the place.

5. Metro Water anna:
A man cannot tolerate one lady in his life, imagine the plight of that man who is
threatened by the women in a society when the water lorry arrives. More power to you, metro anna.

6. Non admin/teaching staff at school & college:
Aaya, akka and anna in school and college made it so easy to whine about teachers, get things done when rules did not let us do them, communicated with van/auto anna if required while we were stuck inside or doing some off task to get away from detention. Some of us who’ve never shifted schools might realize how attached they get to you when you visit that alma mater of yours years after you graduate from the place.

We would like to thank all of them for somehow making even the minutest impact in our lives which we would have failed to realize and even if we did, we wouldn’t have thanked them enough. Let us get into the habit of saying thank you to anybody who has been of help and see that smile which comes on their faces!

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