STRONG - The Spirit of Chennai

How many people outside of Chennai do you think know it exists? Imagine you were an outsider; What would be the first thing that comes to mind when you hear “Chennai”? Or would you even recognize it?

Known for a versatile amount of things, Chennai is described in many ways. The Gateway of South India, Detroit of India, A Tech Hub and so on. Here’s one more thing you may have missed:

Chennai is home to the second largest beach in the world. People do many things at the beach - take a short vacation, reflect on life while watching the waves, have fun with the family, fool around with friends and what not. But being a big beach isn’t the best thing about Marina - the best thing happened during January 2017, when an unusually massive crowd gathered together, and lit up the shore with a thousand stars that it looked like the night sky had descended to the sea.

 The Stars at the Silent Protest - Marina


The floods of 2015 were distressing. Many lost shelter, property and eventually peace. But what doesn’t kill only makes us stronger. We saw strangers sharing food and resources, opening up their homes to the stranded. We saw the youth and everyone who was able run out and help those who were helpless and stuck. It was not the pouring rain or the deep flood that was overwhelming, it was the spirit of the Chennaiites that was overwhelming.

Fast forward to a year later, and we saw that same strength - just a lot more quiet and yet a whole lot bigger. The peaceful Jallikattu protests and the huge impact that followed showed everyone that a city of united people - one in heart and mind - can shake an entire country. Chennai redefined the meaning of Strength by showing that its not about loudly imposing power, but pacifically reinstating peace.

The people here are incredibly wise. They know a city is not only for the people, and that we share our space with all creation. When the Vardah aftermath saw a myriad of uprooted trees, the people got to work without wasting time. Despite redundant criticism about deforestation around the world, Chennai again showed everyone that people are stronger than trees, if they work as a community.

MadCap is Madras-Made. We do products that are off-the-mill, ones that connect with your raw emotions. Every MadCap merch is inspired, and Chennai has played a very important role in being our constant muse. Our STRONG collection features designs that are inspired from Chennai’s strength and valour.


So Chennai, here’s to your incredible and amazing acts of being #STRONG. May you ever shine and pioneer in all the wonderful things that define you.


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