From a Back Bench Doodler to an Illustrator - Journey of Sri Priyatham

Sri Priyatham is a formally trained artist and currently a freelance illustrator based in Hyderabad, India. Graduated with a Fine Arts Degree, he is specialized in Caricature and portraiture illustrations and is known internationally for hyper-realism quality render in his artworks. Majority of his creations are graphite as it is his favorite medium to reflect the right amount of emotion and details in the artwork. Sri’s digital artworks retain the same textural qualities and techniques as his traditional ones.

With an experience of 5 years as a freelancer and his clients include Microsoft, Wizcraft International, TCS and many corporate companies of USA.  His major works are in Realism, Hyperrealism, and Cartoon-ish. Apart from creating artworks, he also organizes art workshops at nominal entry fee for the enthusiasts to learn a thing or two.

Sri is your boy-next-door, pop-culture geek who has come a long way from his first sketch of Popeye at the age of 12, to the sketches that are now internationally famous. What truly stands out in his sketches are the killer attention-to-detail and if you notice his work. You can check his Instagram.



His personal favorite is this portrait of Actor Vijay from the movie Arjun Reddy. What he likes is the traditional look of the artwork. He uses the app Procreate on his iPad to create these masterpieces. To come to this level of fine detailing, it took Sri 16 hours across 4 days.

He barely steps out of the art den {his room} but as someone who thoroughly enjoys having a good conversation about art, society, and travel, you’ll find him socializing at artsy events. Plus, he has been hosting art workshops across the city with an intention to build a solid art community within the city and teach art enthusiasts a thing or two about basics.

We are launching workshops in Hyderabad this September and what better than starting off with someone so talented? Click below for further details.

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