Perfect Women Who (N)Ever Lived

Women can be wonderful role models. While every human has flaws, you’ve probably met a few who are right all the time and well, most of those are women. Just kidding (actually not!). Every person can draw inspiration from some stellar women - lessons of hope, kindness, courage. So, here are some ideal fictitious women with qualities that make for a perfect human.


1. Hermione Granger - The Harry Potter Series

The first and probably the most beloved person on this list, Hermione is everything a girl aspires to be. Even with her distorted priorities, she always knew the right thing to do and to think on her feet. Add that to the fact that she traveled back in time and set everything right without supremely messing up a single thing (thanks in part to Harry), you’ve got the most perfect human being that (n)ever lived. To all the guys wondering what the ladies really want - this is it. A time turner, and mad Granger skills.


2. Shireen Baratheon - Game of Thrones

If you’ve ever wondered about children from whom the parents could learn a thing or two - this is your girl. She was poles apart from their cruel nature, and although being struck by a hideous disease was one of the prettiest little girls that ever walked the fictional world. She was young and castaway, but she made so much difference to all the lives she could in the little time she had. Had only she lived to help the Onion Knight read better!


3. Elizabeth Bennet - Pride & Prejudice

If you would like to learn how to shut the nonsense, Lizzie is your go-to-gal. Undaunted by social stigma or overbearing faux nobility, she was confident about who she was and remained outspoken to the last letter. She loved her family despite their many flaws. She was so bold, yet humble enough that she could learn to see past Darcy’s veil of pride.


4. Moana - Moana

Mark a trail to where your purpose leads you; and never quit! Moana has lots to inspire the go-getter in you. For all those who are on the path to finding themselves, remember that although sometimes your purpose may seem defeated, it never really is. Believe in yourself, and you can take any demigod by the ear and deliver him across the ocean in your quest to make the world a better place. 

 P.S. Avoid giant, shiny crabs at all costs.


5. Pepper Potts - Ironman

True, she started out as an assistant, but ask yourself what Tony Stark would be without his faithful aide? It’s important to draw a fine line between helping someone else realise their dream and not sacrificing yours while doing so, and if you want to know how, Pepper can help you out. She’s been on some tough rides with Tony, nevertheless also inspires faithfulness and self-assurance in strong women.


6. Eleven - Stranger Things

Raise your hand if El taught you a thing or two about friendship! This one’s for you if you’ve had a rocky past or are in the middle of an identity crisis. Don’t let anyone name you a misfit, freak or screw-up. Take matters into your own hands, and smash ‘em demogorgons to pieces. Respond to cruelty with courage. Remember your promises.

 7. Diana Prince - Wonder Woman

The ones who are deprived of a certain freedom know how to respect it the most. Take Diana, for example. It was in her nature to fight, and she used that power to help the people who were treated unfairly. Women are the best fighters, for they wage both physical and emotional wars without a break. They guard their own. The lesson to be learnt is that strength, mixed with compassion is the most powerful force in the universe, and women like Diana Prince can coach.

8. Katniss Everdeen - The Hunger Games

She stole our hearts when her hand went up without missing a beat - the most loving sister of all time. Katniss shows us courage in tragic times, and an ability to surprise, shock, and scare people when they are least expecting it. The Mockingjay is proof that young girls are the most eligible candidates to champion a revolution, challenging the otherwise popular belief.


Who would you pick to be your role model? Remember, you need equal portions of smart, spunky, witty, courage, and crazy to make an unforgettable personality.

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