Mad Themes from MadCap!

MadCap - so called because of the many hats (or caps) we wear in different places, at various outsets and at different ages. You think you’re someone, that you can fit into a stereotype and bam! You end up surprising yourself over and over again. Those around you get shook when they see past your outer layer (trust me, no one knows this better than a cactus). The reality is, we are all too far-flung and the stereotypes are far too narrow to describe us. It only makes sense that we have more traits than one, and share multiple personalities. I’m not talking about a disorder, but a superpower. Think Mystique.


1st Law of MadCap - You are never fully and accurately defined at any point in life.


So the makers of MadCap came up with ‘themes’ which would be the centre of their product designs. Themes are carefully carved out words, each descriptive of a distinct trait that are uniquely common to everyone! The makers aimed to cover all the letters they could in the English language, from A-Z and after a successful year, we now have 13 themes for our MadCappers! Check out the list here:


A for Adorable

B for Bohemian

G for Glam

I for Imaginary

J for Jaunty

M for Majestic

O for Obsession

R for Radical

S for Strong

T for Traditional

U for Unemployed

V for Vibrance

W for Wanderlust


Around these themes, products were designed and manufactured, around the likes of badges, notebooks, to-do lists, mugs, coasters, posters - you get the gist. Stationery is something you use everyday, even take it for granted. But the books you carry, the mugs you drink from tell a lot about your story and you we are. That’s what sticks - to the strangers who are too shy to come up and say hi, to the acquaintances who wonder what your world is made of, to the ones who think they know us best. Each MadCap product of yours is an open declaration by you, and an excellent teaser into your life.


2nd Law of MadCap: There are no stereotypes, just evolving personalities.


Each product from MadCap has been conscientiously designed and manufactured to be able to complement your standards. Hence, every time you get a product delivered, it is literally wrapped in care. You never quite get used to your mug, poster or notebook. Each time you turn it over, you see it in a different light or dig out a deeper meaning. If you think I’m bluffing like any cactus, our customers are testament to this fact!  

Pro “Cactus” Tip: Keep an eye out for the Limited Edition Merchandise. They’re all the buzz (you’re welcome).

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