Gunjan and her Black Magic

Hailing from the City of Joy, Gunjan Daga is a well-known charcoal artist who infuses her heart and soul into the work she creates which is sure to enthrall your senses and mesmerize your artistic spirit. She treats her art like a temple, and her conviction is shown all the way through her heart splintered across the canvas. Gunjan is into realistic and sketches and portraits because she believes it helps people to connect with her art. "It is a challenge for me when I attempt a realistic sketch. It helps me improve my observation skills" adds Ms. Daga

Being a commerce graduate, she had no idea that she would someday start her journey as an artist. Since she was always into creative stuff, she learned jewelry designing and practiced it for two years, but that wasn’t what she was looking for, and it was the inner calling that made her quit her job and follow her passion because it was sketching that gave her true happiness. The interest and enthusiasm for sketching are what inspired her to take it professionally. She was attracted to the way monochrome sketches looked attractive.

Inspired by Mohammad Forouji from Iran, she looks up to him and his work. She has improved seeing his videos and live sessions, and it is on her bucket list to be able to go to Iran and learn from him. "He doesn’t speak in English. I can’t understand his language in his videos. But I can watch him, and that’s how I learn from his work," said Gunjan, when asked if she ever spoke to her inspiration.

Below is her first charcoal artwork, which is very special to her after this she fell in love with this medium.

Started two years ago, Gunjan still feels there is a lot to achieve and wishes to make her charcoal work reach out to people with the message that it’s not necessary to use a lot of colors to create the artwork look good.

She has not done any formal art training; artistic creativity has always been a big part of her life. Gunjan loves to make realistic sketches and portraits with versatile art mediums graphite, charcoal. She creates stunning masterpieces with the high level of detailing in it. Shades of grey are her inspiration; her work reflects an exciting blend of black and white.

This is her favorite most work of hers till date. Upon asking why, Gunjan added, "It was a challenge I had made to myself before attempting this work. I am glad I could do justice to this work and have set a new benchmark for myself."

People assume Gunjan is a fine-art student whereas she is a commerce graduate. It’s just the passion and dedication towards her work which helped her in her journey as an artist.

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