From Fresher's to Farewell

Once that last question from the last board exam is penned down and after two months of chilling and getting admissions for under graduation, that time comes when one has been waiting for all through school life, college. The first day in college definitely involves a lot of mixed emotions, the ones where one is timid, nervous, lost and above all highly excited to spend the rest of 3-5 years in the same place along with a whole lot of different people. For a month college seems all fancy with all kinds of freshers’ party, hostel party, department party to attend, city to explore and friends made.

With time as one settles in the comforts of college and learns the hardship as well, they become pro at surviving college by the time they enter 2nd semester and as the good times pass by they plan efficiently for an elaborate farewell party dedicated for their seniors, and as they go to 3rd semester, they’re already sharing tips and tricks of surviving college with the batch that enters and host a party for which they were the audience once. All that mattered in first year was to wake up on time (we know the feels of being late in the initial late), dress to impress, get the coursework done and figure out what has to be done in life. As one got past the dressing up stage and became comfortable in attending college from 2nd hour in their sweatpants, life got easier with any kind of beer that comforted the aching soul tired from the repeated set of assignments and exams.

The kind of break one got was attending the college fest either by volunteering in them or taking the weekend break and hanging out with friends. While in first year, the curiosity to see what a college fest would look like held one back and on the other hand as one progresses towards end of under-grad life, the plans made by bunking the fest got better. From being totally silent to being loud, invisible to the social bee, transformations has happened and it has happened for the better. While in final year all that matters is getting a secured job, sort out all the odds that has been accumulated since day 1 and figure out what has to be done in life, that never changes.

As days towards the end come closer, all the classes are not a drudgery anymore because the teacher’s are way nicer and they aren't boring anymore only because nothing related to syllabus is discussed. Juniors shower us with all the love and warmth during the farewell and a million parties are to be attended because being the social bee one will definitely have friends across other departments. Whatever happens, how much ever love-hate relationship one might have with their alma-mater, all that remains in the final day, writing the final answer of the final exam, are the bitter-sweet feeling about leaving all the comforts and hardship of college which has prepared one for the life ahead of college.

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