Diwali Gifts For Your Loved Ones

There are only two insanely hard things in the world - spotting a Yeti and getting a good gift for Dad. Although the odds of both are roughly the same, we’ve figured a way you can use to beat those odds. We’re not talking about another tie or an expensive pen. This time, make it count for real. Drop a metaphoric atom bomb with your Diwali gift to Dad.

Dad's Atom Bomb 

No doubt about it, Mothers are the backbone of the family. If choosing the right Mother’s Day gift has been your biggest challenge over the years, try taking a cue from Mom herself. Anyone can give Mom flowers, candy or a breakfast-in-bed. Instead of trotting out the old standbys, why not put some imagination into her Diwali present this year?

Mummy’s Flower Pot

Brothers can be annoying, brothers can be ideal. A brother is the most versatile a person can get. Gatekeeper, Problem-fixer, Superhero and worst of all, a pro-wrestler. Well, it’s time to light up your brother’s life this Diwali with gifts he’ll love. 

Bidi Bomb Brother


In the cookies of life, sisters are the chocolate chips. Be it the pillow fights, the make-up wars or the “SHE STARTED IT” arguments, you cannot beat them. The only way to win them is to treat them nicely. So make it up to your  sister with the best Diwali gift ever. And remember, if she fights with you then she’ll fight for you. 

The Sister Blaster

Show me your friends and I’ll… tell you what to get them for Diwali! Well, there is no better gift that will last forever than the feeling being cared for by your friends. Show those suckers some love by gifting them from the SkyRocket Collection. You know the plus side -  you can always steal it back and call it yours. Wink wink.

BFF SkyRocket

All the love songs in the world cannot suffice for the world’s best boyfriend - not even a mixtape. So what could you get him that will leave him a little melted, a little shook and a little sparkling? Worry not, we’re here to help. Scroll through the Boyfriend Sparkler Collection.  

The Boyfriend Sparkler

She’s the butterfly in your stomach, she’s the back that holds your world together. Tell her how special she is and get her the best gift this Diwali - there’s much to choose from the Girlfriend Charkha Collection - for a girl as dazzling as yours.

The Girlfriend Charkha


What are you waiting for? Light the fireworks, already!

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