Crossing the stream: Sadhika's Journey from Commerce to Calligraphy

For some people, art is something that they are born with. It is almost as if they are destined to become an artist one day. And for some of those people, it eventually becomes a reality. They get to follow their passion throughout their lives, and such people never wanted to do anything else. However, there are people that run into art, that find it hidden somewhere in their lives. Art slowly seeps into their lives, and before they know, they are sitting with a brush and a paper instead of going to work. Sadhika Gupta falls into the second category.

Her best-known skill is her calligraphy and drawing mandala art. She also teaches other people this, traveling to different cities in order to conduct workshops. But not long ago, she was far from all of this. She holds a post-graduate degree in economics and usually had nothing to do with art. That is, until one day, she stumbled onto it and fell in love with it.

Sadhika began with calligraphy, which she discovered in 2015. She found calligraphic art while browsing Instagram, and was instantly mesmerized by it. Taking inspiration, she brought home brush pen and started practicing calligraphy on her own.  In 2016, she opened her now the popular page on Instagram- delhidoodler08.


This is the first word she ever lettered with my her brush pen. And because of this, the first word in her lettering worksheets is hope, "cause if there's hope for me, there's hope for everyone" adds the Delhi doodler!

Soon, not only was she getting paid to make personalized artwork, but she had also started teaching her art to others. She teaches doodling, calligraphy and Mandala art – which have a deep spiritual meaning in both, Hinduism and Buddhism. So far, she has taken workshops in Delhi, Lucknow, Bangalore, Chandigarh, Pune, and Mumbai. She believes art is no less than a therapy, which can help alleviate stress and help you feel calmer. And she is on a mission – to make everyone pick up her favorite art forms and spread good vibes.

These 2 are her favorite artworks. "These two are my favorites. They are both extremely simple, but simplest things are the hardest to nail" adds Sadhika.

Sadhika is still 26, and undoubtedly she will make an even bigger name for herself in the coming years. The fact that she made the jump from economics to art is proof that it is never too late to learn something new. And, more importantly, it is never too late to aim for what you love.

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