Bullet Journal like a Pro!

Not everyone who is organized is an artist - but you can be creative. With just a few sktechpens and some doodle-fingers, you too can flaunt your new skill around.


Start with a rough plan. Think about the elements you need to fit onto the page, the full layout, and how you want it to look. Have a mental image of the whole thing.


Use bullets, d'uh. Bulleting is great for to-do lists and note summary. Of course, you can keep you own legend of bullets that you generally use. Check out our IG video for an example.


Draw and doodle. There are 'n' number of elements to get creative with, like comic bubbles, banners and wooden planks. It's upto you to use these to bring your journal to life.


Practice handwriting. Calligraphy is going around these days, and it's worth the patience cuz, just look at the results. You can really impress anyone with beautiful lettering.


Get creative. Aside from the cliched stuff, you can always invent something of your own. Every stroke is unique, and every doodle is different.


When it comes to journaling, it's important to do it everyday. That way, you make sure that it becomes a habit. After all, practice makes perfect!


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