A Bubbly Artist Who Yells Yellow - Story of Divya Thallap

At the age of 15, Divya Thallap, an army brat moved to Bangalore and started her journey with art. And for the next 15 years, she played around with a lot of mediums before settling with decoupage.

Divya says "it's the most popular DIY craft. Easy, clean, quick and green" (it helps us transform stuff that is just lying around the house). After many corporate gigs, she established her brand "yelling yellow" 5 years ago.

She prides on selling a story not just an art form! She uploads tutorials on YouTube and also designs for brands like PaperCraft. She wants to spread the art as it is really close to her heart as well. And she does these through workshops and customized classes at her studio in Bangalore.

It won't be an overstatement to say that she is much sought after teacher. Her workshops are super personal with a maximum of 6 people and the waiting list is long. And talk about VFM: she helps you create around 4-5 projects in these 12-hour workshops! (Ka-ching!) And her guidance doesn't end there. She is happy to provide tips and tricks and will certainly help you establish a business in this form if you wish to do so. Wow! She does believe in sharing -  be it art, skill or knowledge.


Her first decoupage work was a keepsake box she made for her cousin Soumya, to gift it for her wedding.  "It’s special because after she received it, she refused to hear any more excuses I had over why I wasn’t doing this (art, mixed media, decor) professionally, She is the reason I started Yelling Yellow" adds Divya. Soumya has always been her biggest fan and Parton. Her constant motivation and encouragement nudged Divya towards starting her own brand and it’s the best thing to have happened to her. That little box got Divya thinking what else she could do, and she contacted the maker of that MDF base in Delhi. "I shared a photo of that box just to tell them I loved their products.  We got talking and soon we were designing products and art supplies together" said Ms. Thallap

She started to do little crafts around the house as she dislikes giving store-bought gifts to nears and dears! She does this as a profession and also as a hobby. Needless to say, her every waking hour is surrounded with the art of many forms. She maintains a journal apart from all her painting, sketching and sculpting. And has taken up product photography as well. This lady is a sure multi-tasker.

If she has to describe her work it would resonate with the KonMari method which is all about answering a simple question - Does this item spark joy?

Her brand name reflects her own sunny personality. She celebrates all the little things and uses them as inspiration. She plans to start her own home decor and stationery brand. And we cannot wait!

She soon will have workshops in Chennai, Bangalore, and Hyderabad. You can check them out here.

You can check her work on Instagram and Facebook, and watch videos on her YouTube Channel.

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