10 Reasons to Learn a New Language


The joy of and hardwork behind learning a new language could be a hobby, a curriculum or a job necessity. For all the pursuers who need the nudge, here are 10 Reasons to learn a new language.
Have some fun.
Self-calming skills! Let's see how long it takes for them to riddle it out.
Effortlessly be that geekish cool!
Just an added bonus. You've probably had enough people falling for you anyway.
'Boo' that boredom and throw it out the window!
Who said TV was bad? The more you know the better you are.
Admit it, you all need that annoying know-it-all in your lives.
On the same boat as Cleopatra and Milton *wink*
No hassle.
My friend who was a native European with Greek and Dutch parents who moved to America so he grew up speaking English is now an exchange student at a Chinese University and will be returning to his home university in Mexico next fall.
Meeting at Irish pubs and Scottish bars? No problem, I'll order.
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