10 Reasons Series - #1

Put things off much?

Here are 10 reasons you can add to your list of excuses. They're pretty neat and logical.

Ready? No, don't go, this can't wait! Come back and read this!


So lost that you forgot what you originally youtubed for.


All the world must be a video game.


You secretly use your speed to fight against assignments and to find others like you, who haven't completed their homework.


"Making a plan is so much work, I dropped a sweat!"


"I need to buy files, folders and become so organized right away so that I won't procrastinate next time".


I'll be all caught up in a decade. 


"I can get so much done in 3 hours, lemme think about this 10 mins before bed".


It's so Y2K, people. *sings the lazy song*


Master procrastinator. Pat your own back.

...Or maybe later.


Kudos if you're procrastinating while reading this.


P.S.- You'd probably like our to-do lists. Everyone knows they were made for procrastinators.

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